Battle of the Books!!

by Gordon Korman

This is the 2nd season of Battle of the Books
for grade 6.

  • What is "Battle of the Books"?
  • Battle of the Books is an inclusive reading
  • The purpose is to encourage students to read

The battle is a season of reading that has started!
It culminates in a battle tournament in May.
10 books have be selected for the battle.

By Gordon Korman

Lightening Theif
By Rick Riordan
Throughout the battle season there will be events
leading up to a Grand Battle.

  • Battle team draft is held within each ELA class.
  • Teams are made up of 4 students by a radom draw.
  • Each team is to work together in reading and planning
a strategy for the battle questions.
  • Questions are possed to the team of 4
  • A rally will be held
  • There will be seveal Battle Spirit events
throughout the year.
Love That Dog
BY Sharon Creech
My Name is Brain Brian
By Jeanne Betrancourt

by Edward Bloor
Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
How does participation work?
Where do the students get the books?
Do I have to read ALL of the books?
How does the tournament work?
Are there prizes?

Answers are down below.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days
by Jeff Kinney
A Wicked History:
Rome's Worst Nightmare
by Phillips Brooks

Zoo Break
by Gordon Korman
How does participation work?
Every student is automatically entered and drafted on a team. Even the most reluctant students end up enjoying the Battle. However, if a student demonstrates unsportsmanship like behavior the individual may be disqualified by a teacher. The team will continue through the season short one player. A good sport reads and offers positive support to his team and is respectful of other teams.
Where do the students get the books? We have multiple copies of these books in our library. We also have ordered multiple copies to have in ELA classrooms. Finally, Barnes & Noble (Boulevard location only) will be notified of our Battle titles in case you want to purchase your very own copy.

Do I have to read ALL the books? No. A team will strategize on what titles they will read and study. Some titles are easier to read while others are more complex and sophisticated. We realize some titles are more exciting for some readers while others appeal to yet other interests. Books on tape are available for some battle titles. All participants must read 3 battle titles by February 1st in order to remain on their battle team and compete in the tournament.
How does the tournament work? No student has to individually answer a question in public. The questions are read to the whole group. Each team huddles up and writes an answer on a white board. All teams reveal their written answer at the same time. It is a team competition. There are 2 rounds of 10 questions in class where a point system determines what 2 teams will play off for classroom champions. The “Grand Battle” will take place in an assembly where the team champions play off with another round of questions. The 6th grade Grand Champions are the team with the most points after the round. Tiebreakers could be necessary to determine which team earns the status of “Grand Champion”
Are there prizes? Yes. Champions receive an award and we have plans in action for all participants thanks to our wonderful PSTA and Student Council. We will keep you informed as our plans come to fruition.